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"Shihan.. Michael... I have reviewed your Self-defense 101 and shared them with my wife. Very easy to understand and to hardwire into brain with practice. Thank you for your vital instructional videos that may someday make the difference between becoming a victim or defending ourselves"

Roger Shepherd , Kansas City, MO

"Really enjoyed your videos. Volume I is especially good, even for people with no martial arts training."

Kathy Lantz, Kingston, PA

"Outstanding on Street Self Defense! I am a black belt in TKD...I am sure it will help me if I get attacked on the street...let me know if you make any other videos."

Harold Siemens, Charlotte, NC

"I have 50 different DVD's on self defense and martial arts... I want to let you know that your DVD's are the best ones. You are a great educator and teacher and you make it easy to learn.

I purchased all of your DVD's. And it is worth every dollar I spent on it."

John Axsom, San Antonio, TX

"It was an awesome video. I'm really looking forward to perfecting the defense moves along with my daughters."

Debbie Doherty, Eagle River, AK

"Outstanding Program, Fantastic Customer Service! Thanks! "

John Whitman, Appleton, WI

"Dear Shihan Pace,
I've only been through the first video of the two-volume set, and already I've gotten my money's worth. Simple and straightforward instruction, yet highly effective techniques. This is good stuff that everybody should know. Keep up the excellent work! "

Jim Johnson, Defence for Personal Safety
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"Highly recommended! I've viewed a lot of self defense courses on the market today, but none that I have seen come close to the quality and amount of techniques as this course offers! It's like an encyclopedia of self defense! If you're looking for a comprehensive course in self defense, this is it! Easily worth twice the price!"

Sifu Trey Crake
Madison, MS USA
6th degree Black Belt

From a high school student.

"I am a sophmore and probably the smallest guy in my grade...Bigger guys terrorize me and try to make me fight...The defense against the sucker punch and straight punch will help greatly...Thank you so much."

Corey, Surrency, GA

From a Senior.

"Greetings from Michigan, Just a positive word of thanks for the useful info provided by Vol I & Vol II of Street Defense 101.

I'm a senior now (older than dirt!), and enjoy doing a bit of RV travelling with my sweet wife of 50 years. When I was younger I could do ok defending myself using mostly strength, and very little technique. But with age, loss of muscle mass due to bouts with health issues, etc, I know I'm vulnerable (as well as my wife!), if we run into a threatening situation. So I'm taking your lessons very seriously to include having my eldest son come over to help with the drills. He, and the family feel reassured by what I'm learning! So thanks again, and know I'll be getting more of your DVD's as I go along. Sincerely, Joe & Angie "

Joe Johnson, Battle Creek, MI

"Thank you, this video is uncommon, the experience, the passion, the training, the techniques... In one word this video is extraordinary!"

Didier Samama, New York, NY

"I have studied various styles for almost 15 years. I really enjoy the simple yet effective techniques you demonstrate in the Self Defense 101 videos. This is what I wish I had been taught all along! "

John Kreuser, Kenosha, WI

"I'm an older man with poor health, and I feel more secure with the little bit I can do. You are the real thing I was looking for Michael. I can even show my 35 year old handicapped daughter your video, and you would be amazed how she picked up on a lot of it. I can't wait to show my children and grandchildren. It is done so very well. "

Andrew Hojnacki, Sterling Heights, MI

" Your video's are truly amazing. Thank you for your contribution to the world of self-defense. I am going to get the women's defense video of yours for my fiance` and mother as well, because after I showed them the 2 volumes I purchased they were sold. But as I said before, thank you!"

Andrew Howard, Cape Coral, FL

"I just received your videos and started watching them. I have been in the martial arts for about 12 years now. I'm a law enforcement officeer in the state of Florida, so as you can imagine, self defense is very important to me.

I have tried several different disciplines over the past 12 years including Kempo, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwondo, and Ti Ang Lang.

I have had these videos for about three days now and have learned a lot of very useful stuff. It's easy for me to learn...but my wife...has been watching the videos with me and has picked up on everything in the first video already.

Since viewing the first video, I have had several encounters in the jail that in most cases would have gone to a physical confrontation. While two of these did, they were unavoidable. The others I was able to use the assertive posture technique that is demonstrated in the first video and very quickly the prisioners backed down...The other two that went physical were over and the prisoners in cuffs before my SGT. could make it out the the Taser.

These videos have been the best self defense investment I have made. Thank you Shihan Pace. "

Officer C. Richards, Crawfordville , FL

"I just gave the first of your two videos a preliminary viewing and I am impressed with how simple yet effective the demonstrated defense moves are. The moves look like they would devastate an attacker who doesn't expect you to fight back and would give you a decent fighting chance with an attacker who is ready for you to fight back. "

Thomas Joseph Rondy , South Milwaukee, WI

"Mr. Pace your vidoes are AWESOME!!!!!!! I love them keep up the GOOD WORK... Thanks again."

Sean Russel, Pleasant Hill, MO

"I received your Self-Defense videos Volume I and II today. I viewed Volume I tonight. I must say, this video is awesome. Very straight forward, and very easy to learn.

I've been in Jiu Jitsu for a few years. I know quite a big about it, but there was a lot of stuff in it that I knew would never work in a street fight. Your video shows very good stuff, and it covers every imaginable attack. It's very straight forward and VERY VERY easy to learn.

You're method is much better and more effective. I really like your video, and would definitely recommend it to others as well as purchasing more videos from you! Thank you so much for making this video, it is great."

Jeff Hoffman, Antioch, IL

"Street Self Defense 101 demonstrates self-defense techniques that are easy to practice using natural body movements and a mental disposition for handling threatening situations."

Don Beekman, Rockaway, NJ

"I was very excited when I found these videos, and I was not disappointed when I finally watched them. I have been doing martial arts for a couple of years and your videos have added so much more knowledge to my studies. The videos were very practical, useful and easy to follow. Please keep me posted in the future on any others available."

John Cole Cooper, Orem, UT

"I found these videos a great tool. I appreciate being able to learn, teach and practice at home. I have children that I worry about constantly. I feel as a parent it is my responsibility to prepare my children for all of life's challenges and possibilities."

Tammy Metz, Lebanon, PA

From a senior citizen.

"Turning 65 made me nervous about being able to protect myself on the street. Your video gave me clear and easy to remember techniques and helped me to regain my cofidence."

Daniel Petrie Sr., Hackettstown, NJ

"I have two boys and a girl, 14, 15 and 10 years old. The boys wanted to to learn karate, mostly for self defense and skip all the forms and belts. Your videos provide this and we can do it together at our own pace."

Kevin Akerman, Milan, OH

"Hello Michael, I ordered your Street self defense videos and they are excellent. I've taken a little taekwondo but I haven't seen anything like these videos, they are great."

Anthony Walls, Dallas TX

"I have seen the Street Self Defense videos Vol. I and II by Michael Pace and believe the techniques shown to be simple to understand yet practical and useful, both physically and mentally, especially for smaller and weaker persons."

"I look forward to other courses from you."

Willim Cheng, Phayao, Thailand

"These tapes are excellent! I teach taekwondo at Walla Walla College and plan to incorporate these effective, real world techniques into my classes. Thanks!"

Dan Calzaretta, Walla Walla, WA

From another senior citizen.

"As a 77 year old senior citizen attacked by a 50 year old bully, I found your Self Defense Video 101 exactly what I needed. I am now ready to defend myself with a minimum amount of exertion and able to inflict enough pain to discourage any attacker. Thank you. "

Owen M. Bannon, Venice, FL

"I received your tapes and have viewed them. May I compliment you on the quality of the presentation within the video, you and your assistants, did a great job.

I was very pleased with the standard of the packaging, they were well parcelled, nicely presented and I appreciated the wee thank you card that accompanied them.

I have sometimes felt ripped off by some so called Martial Arts/Self> Defence videos. This is not the case with yours, you guys clearly know what you are talking about. A great product!"

Dr Ray Pulman, Sensei Belfast Kyushindo Zen Judo Club
Northern Ireland

"I have found your videos to be great and very well done. As an auxillary police officer I think the knowlege will serve me well. I watch them over and over and practice when I can. I look forward to future videos I can obtain. Thank you."

John Lascari, Shirley, NY

"Very simple and easy to follow. The techniques are effective and can be modified to different situations."

Ken Rollings, Brazil, IN
Correctional Officer

"I've... been studying Jiu Jitsu for three years. These tapes are excellent in presenting the necessities of a street fight. The training on handling a 'potential' altercation alone is worth the value of these tapes. I wish that was taught in my classes..."

Richard Caputo, South Beach, NY

"I ordered these two tapes in hopes of maximizing my self defense techniques. If I hadn't viewed these vhs tapes, I wouldn't have been able to have the confidence that I can defend myself."

Justine A. Williams, Sulphur, LA

"Thank you for Street Self Defense 101 videos...I was very impressed by the simplicity and the common sense approach of your techniques."

Michael Hirst, West Midlands, United Kingdom

"Going to karate or martial arts school can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands per year. Spending under $50 for this video is than worth what you pay for. I think you receive more than what you bargan for especially with the additional training against lethal weapons."

Rudy Haniff, Stockton, CA

"Street Self Defense 101 delivers! The presentation is well delivered and the explainations clear and easy to follow. The techniques practiced are practical and consistent with the theme of simplicity and effectiveness. Highly recommended."

Holmeng Wong, Auckland, New Zealand

"Simple, yet effective techniques which can provide a good foundation for the serious martial artist... but simple enough that even my grandmother could pull off!"

Jonathon Torres, Lincohton, NC

"I think your tapes were quite good."

Jack W. Kittinger
Kil's Black Belt Academy, Livonia, MI

"I found these tapes to be very realistic in techniques taught. It was made for me the novice, with simple but highly effective defenses but also has material that was of interest to the person with prior self defense knowledge."

Mandy Martini, Cranbrook, BC, Canada

"I recently began Taekwondo classes and have found these tapes to very helpful in quick response, real life situation training. I look forward to reviewing them again and again and sharing these skills with family and friends."

Todd Waldron, Las Vegas, NV

"Great Videos! Well illustrated with good camera angles. Techniques were well explained, simplistic and effective. Perhaps the best ground techniques available!"

Joseph T. Green, Baton Rouge, LA

"These videos are just what the average man or woman needs. Being a green belt in Taekwondo it is evident that a fast simple technique is needed to protect oneself in order to stop and attack and get away. My wife learned quickly due to the almost fatherly voice and guidance. Thank you."

Gary Wallner, Milwaukee, WI

"Videos are informative, excellent presentation, explaination. Direct and simple."

John Connolly, Jackson, NC

"Your videos were very instructive and personal. I am that much more confident about my intuition when my adrenaline is in high gear. Thank you!"

Troy Hatcher, Cooper City, FL

"(videos)'s great help for me being a small women. I needed basic ideas to defend myself."

Kimberly Mehl, Sangus, CA

"Your videos are a great product. I never knew how to escape from such holds...Thanks. "

John Kennedy, Martinez, GA

"I have watched numerous self defense videos and found that the Street Self Defense 101 Volume I and II provided easy to follow methods that can be used by anyone for real self defense. For me after reviewing all the tapes I have seen, the video Street Self Defense Volume I and II by Shihan Pace is the easiest to understand and follow and includes nearly all the techniques I found useful from the other tapes."

Arnold Martin, Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Just the confidence booster I needed. I now feel I have the edge I didn't before. Thanks!"

James Lehor, Alta Loma, CA

"These videos are outstanding and very detailed. I think that anyone who views your videos are able to see this defense system will work for them. It is very nice dealing with your company.!"

Don Learned, Stockton, CA

"I enjoyed the simplicity of the techniques. The common sense approach of doing what is needed...Mr. Pace explains everything so you have no questions about what you have just viewed."

Bob Hasson, Middletown, NY

"95% of what I learned in the U.S. Navy, and as a teenager in the martial arts is gone from my memory due to a catastrophic head injury that I suffered several years ago while in the service."

"Master Pace has managed to compile the meat of the art of self defense into a series of simple to understand segments that directly address the most common dangers when confronted in life by someone looking to cause you harm."

J. Keaty USN Ret., Turner, OR

"There is a great variety of simple techniques in these videos. Some of the tips Shihan Pace gives are excellent... Shihan Pace knows what he is saying!"

Richard L. Schmaus, Haskell, NJ

"... I have trained in Tae Kwon Do for years. Although this...martial arts style is effective, is does not offer the simple, powerful and effective self defense techniques needed in a 'street situation' where thinking is not an option. As this program advertises, when your adrenaline is 'pumping', simplicity is key. These tapes offer the most effective, inexpensive, simple solulution.

William Krachman, Franklin Lakes, NJ

"...quick and easy... you have a sense of security wherever you go. I recommend this to all ages. This is an excellent video."

Krystal Bland, Buffalo, NY

"Your video is one of the easiest and most efficient forms of self defense instruction that I have seen. It is simple and to the point. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn basic self defense techniques. "

David L. Parker, Nashville, TN

"Some people are physiologically prone to experience more of an adrenaline dump than others. I am at the far end of the normal curve where fine motor coordination is literally impossible in threatening situations. That's why I ordered Michael Pace's video training set to prepare for my trip to a third world country in a few months. I already feel much more confidence knowing that I would have some useful defenses that I will be able to pull off in any situation."

Todd Snyder, Waco, TX

"..teaches simple, to the point moves that are effective and easy to remember... to stop attackers in their tracks."

Dan Vuciou, Parma Heights, OH

"Street Self Defense 101 is the system I've been looking for. The situations are real world. Further, the system doesn't rely on obscure training... This is the one I recommend to friends and family."

Lane Fox, Wagoner, OK

"This video is strickly business...very easy to understand. I have a lot of self defense video tapes but this one is my favorite."

Robert Ortiz, Pomona, CA

"I think your videos illustrate good combative techniques...Overall they are very valuable videos."

Thomas Zeigler, Bessemer, AL

"My wife and I enjoyed your videos on self defense. The methods are easy to remember. One day we were practicing your moves and we were amazed at how much we remembered. Now we are planning to practice with our two sons."

Patrick Kerr, San Jose, CA

"I enjoyed the videos. I thought they are a good learning tool for self defense... quick, easy to learn. You can have fun learning with your family. Thank you!"

Randy Workman, Thorton, CO

"I've been practicing these self defense techniques on my husband and they really do work! I work a second shift job. When I leave work, I have to walk a good distance in a very dark parking lot to reach my car. These tapes will really come in handy. Many thanks."

Robin Tassone, North Huntington, PA

"Shihan Michael Pace's videos provide a realistic and unique approach to effectively dealing with an aggressive opponent on the street. His teachings dramatically deal with the 'adrenaline rush' phenominon during the initial stages of an attack."

"In these videos Shihan Pace has revealed the true impact of an attack and how to effectively deal with it. The counter techniques he teaches are simple but devastating to an opponent. As a martial arts Sensei, I will tell you that this dynamic video is a 'must have' for any instructor or student."

Sensei John Acock, St. Louis, MO