"I am 64 years of age, but in excellent physical condition and I love to walk. I especially like a small park about five blocks from my home.

I went there a few days ago to just relax from my business and was accosted by two gang members who are notorious in my city. I have practiced the techniques in Street Self Defense and i remembered that Shihan Pace had said anything can be a weapon and that a FAKED compliance can be effective,

Where I was standing was playground sand and the gang members were standing close together. One had a butterfly knife and demanded my wallet. I faked fear and compliance and "accidentally" dropped my wallet into the sand. When my hand came up it was full of fine sand instead of my wallet and i threw it directly into their faces. While they were trying to see again, the knife man blindly came at me with a straight stab. I used the techniqes shown in the videos and disarmed him as well as using 5 crotch blows with my knee.

I then saw the other gangster franticly trying to get a 9 mm pistol out of his waistband and knew i could not afford to be gentle. I used a reverse knife hand on his throat and he was too busy trying to breathe to do anything else. In the meantime, the other gang member was trying to get to his knife again even though in pain.

I used an arm bar as shown in the videos and then broke his elbow with a forearm smash. They had angered me a bit so i stood him up and proceeeded to just backhand him several times and then use my knee in his crotch about six more times.

I then proceeded to call 911 and when the police heard the words "gun" and "knife" they arrived quickly to find one gang member still trying to breathe and the other passed out from pain.

AFTER they quit laughing about the fact that a gray haired "old man" had put down a pair of armed 20ish gang members and was sitting quietly in a swing and smoking his pipe, they called for ambulances.

The one hit in the throat had to have a breathing tube and the other had to have his arm set and one testicle removed. As soon as they recover they will be arrested on several charges. Pace's techniques need but one word to describe them...."EFFECTIVE"

Dan C. Corley, Midwest City, Oklahoma